A collection of projection projects I've been working on.
Credits: Lauren Neu, Marly Koven, Tzu Kai Lin, and Hannah Ford
This was a fun group project where we project a TNT box with an assortment of footage onto a white cube. We also added a fuse to the the top of the box. The message of this project is the unorganized chaos that is currently happening in the world.
My contribution was finding footage and uploading the final project into MadMapper, a projection software, to connect it to a projector and project onto the box. 

Fun fact: I have a tattoo of a castle on my leg. So I decided to give it a little color by projecting on it. I animated it in After Effects, and then syphoned the animation into MadMapper to line it up with the tattoo on my calf.

The Cactus
Fun dancing shapes, projected onto my little cactus. This was really just for fun. 
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